[OJS] Email sending issues

Hello all, @asmecher, or anyone with similar issues and have been able to solve it:

Our institution is forcing SSL connections and criptography of email communications.
We are unable to configure OJS 3.1.4 to send emails.

We have searched the forum but nothing around here has helped us.

Any ideas on where to start?
Is there a way to NOT force SSL for emails in OJS?

We’ll begin by adding this tomorrow to see if we get any debuggin info, but any ideas are welcome.

And, since you’re already looking at the PHPMailer debugging info, you can add this line to lib/pkp/classes/mail/Mail.inc.php

Right after this line:

$mailer = new \PHPMailer\PHPMailer\PHPMailer();
in the send() method.


Hello all, @asmecher,

We have apparently figured out what may be happening.
In lib/pkp/lib/vendoor/phpmailer/phpmailer/PHPMailer, public @SMTPAutoTLS was set to true.
This forced SMTP to use TLS, which we don’t have as we don’t have such certificates.