OJS will incomplete review be in author notification?

In OJS, one of my editors wants to send an outcome notification to an author and one reviewer has not responded after agreeing to review.

In OJS 2.x, you could see the text in the notification email. In, you can’t before sending it.

So: is you have a reviewer whose review was not done, will that result in an empty review in the notification or will it be totally left out?

Also: it appears that once a reviewer has accepted the invitation they can’t be removed by an editor. Are we missing something here?

Hi @SACJ_Editor,

In OJS there is still the option to add reviews to the end of the email notification. You will just need to scroll down the text box to see the reviewers comments added in. This function only imports completed reviewer comments and recommendations.

image .

In your current version of OJS there is no option to cancel reviews once the reviewer has accepted the review. This feature has been added to the newly released OJS 3.2.0.


Kind Regards,
Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project