[OJS] Manager editor can't view submission after declining review request

Our installation is running OJS One of our journals, using the manager editor profile, cannot access a particular submission. When they try to access it they get the error: “The current user is not assigned as a reviewer for the requested document.”

They added themselves as a reviewer then declined the review invitation, which is probably what’s causing this issue, but is there a workaround? Is there some way for them to be able to view this submission?


Hi again! Is there anyone who’s had a similar issue? The journal still can’t get a move on this manuscript…

Hi @Carolina_Tanigushi,

I was unable to duplicate this event, but perhaps they can add Section Editor as one of their roles and assign themselves to this manuscript.

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Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project Intern

Hi @pmangahis,

Thank you for you response but it still didn’t work… A workaround we came up with for this should be to just create a new editor account and assign that account to the manuscript then, once the manuscript has gone through the entire review process and is archived, merge those accounts.

(Just FYI, we also tried creating a new review round and it didn’t work either.)

Just FYI, we noticed this also happens when the reviewer/editor completes the review. Once it’s done they can’t see the “You have been assigned an editorial role for this submission. Would you like to access the Editorial Workflow?” link.

Hi Carolina,

I have experienced the same problem once. The workaround we came up with was to use the direct link to the editorial workflow, i.e. you add /workflow/index/MSID/3 right after index.php in the URL:


(XXXX is whatever the MS ID is)

So for example: https://polarresearch.net/index.php/polar/workflow/index/3413/3

Hope this helps!


Hi, Emma

Thank you very much for your response, it works great!

(though ideally there should be a way to do this via the user interface…)

Hi everyone,
We have just encountered the same issue. Our OJS version is
When logging in as the Journal editor, who has all the roles allowed, and moving the cursor of the submission, the bottom left-hand side shows a like to …/reviewer/submission/3
instead of …/workflow/access/3.
The solution with the direct link works, however, is there a permanent fix?
If not, is there a way to fix this via the database?


Hi @astro,

Can you create a separate post for your question, please? This post is dealing with a different version of OJS so may be distinct from the issue you are facing, although certainly feel free to link to it in your new post if it relates to the issue you are encountering.

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PKP Team