[OJS 3.1.2.-1] Error: notification emails don't go through

Hey everyone,
I’m completely new in this forum and to the OJS platform, but I’d gratefully appreciate your help. I’m currently using OJS 3.1.2.-1 and after running a test to submit an article on the platform as a regular user (and not as an admnistrator), the platform generated the following notification:


However, I never receive the confirmation email (I’ve double checked many times both in my inbox and in the spam folder), preventing me from going ahead and finalizing the submission. That means that users are not being able to submit articles through the platform. Any idea on how to fix this? Any information would be greatly helpful!

Thank you so very much!

Hi @patty_anzini,

The issue is probably that your emails are getting spam-trapped during delivery. You might need to check your service provider to see whether they offer SMTP-based delivery – if so, you can configure that in your config.inc.php configuration file. You might also need to check that your emails are DMARC-compliant; there are several threads here in these forums about that.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team