[OJS] Disable/delete unneeded mail templates completely?

Dear community,

in OJS we currently have 95 mail templates. I have disabled some of them that we don’t need. However, these deactivated mails still appear in the “Notify Participant” selection. This is a bit annoying, especially if there are several mails with the same content, like “Article Review Request”. This mail template appears eight times in our list of mail templates (see screenshot)!


As far as I understand how to use the mail templates, you can’t deactivate them completely: Disabling the template only means that the automatic notification will not be sent.
But still, is there any way to completely disable or delete unneeded mail templates so that they are not available in the mail selection? I’m interested to know, how do you manage working with mail templates?

Many thanks in advance for your replies
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Hi @adm_sub

Check if this will help you: Dublicate OJS Prepared Emails - #18 by BJBMS

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yes, indeed, this helped a lot.

Thank you!