[OJS] Disable add discussion if the article was rejected


I would like that if the article was rejected, the author could not create a new discussion. The author through the discussions has sought to resubmit his article.
And I’ve read that the “closed” flag option is just a visual thing, it doesn’t really close discussions.

Is there a way to block discussions?

Thanks for your time. Regards,
Elena Cruz.


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There’s no way to block discussions, but you can try to unassign editors from a declined submission or in extreme cases disable the offending user. Are you getting a lot of inappropriate follow-up from authors?

I mean, the author writes something like “I hope you are well. I would like to ask about the article that I uploaded with the modifications made by the reviewers.” When the text has already been rejected.

It would be better to resend your text as a new submission. But, now I try unassign editors. Thanks for your answer @NateWr

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