OJS Citation Style Language Plugin (Vancouver and Turabian)

Hi @NateWr,

Finally after consulting the various *vancouver.csl (and vancouver*.csl) files in the GitHub - citation-style-language/styles: Official repository for Citation Style Language (CSL) citation styles. repository (certain of which do include provisions for DOI, mostly depending on the document type) and also by asking a few of my librarian colleagues, I decided not to suggest any changes to the user community for the vancouver.csl file since I wouldn’t be very good at making enlightened arguments…The file is rather old and I am unsure of which other changes are related to DOI vs URL (access date, etc.)…

[FYI @asoto] So what I did instead is simply, for my local instances, replacing the vancouver.csl file by the styles/elsevier-vancouver.csl at master · citation-style-language/styles · GitHub file (which seems more up-to-date and doing ok for our needs (e.g. The Ethics of Screening and Treating Persons with Hepatitis C: A Canadian Perspective | Canadian Journal of Bioethics / Revue canadienne de bioéthique); not sure it’s relevant in all contexts (?)). I simply renamed the file elsevier-vancouver.csl to vancouver.csl (a better approach would probably be to add the custom style as discussed here : [OJS 3.1] How to add a custom Citation Format (CSL)? - #7 by litvinovg).

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