Ojs 3.1.1 Justboil.me uploads but pic not seen wrong path on site

The image uploads correctly but on the site it adds the root directory to the path so the image is not displayed.

After uploading, the path on the site shows the image at http://sbijclone.uhcl.edu/ojs3/public/site/images/OJS-Admin/SBI-logo-web-sm.png but it cannot find the image.

If you go to http://sbijclone.uhcl.edu/public/site/images/OJS-Admin/SBI-logo-web-sm.png the image is displayed.

This is an internal site and not accessible to the world.

Hi @smithmich,

Can you share the URL of the journal, of an article and the base_url defined in teh config.ini.php file?

Regards, Primož

This is internal only for pre production.

OK it’s internal only but here is some info:
An article

The site I’m working on

Base url in config.inc.php
base_url = “http://sbijclone/ojs3

Changed the Base url in config.inc to just the http://servername

base_url = “http://sbijclone