OJS 3.1.1 GUI gui doesn't appear

Hello, i am trying installing OJS on cpanel but GUI doesn’t appear. I try to install it on local (xampp 5.6.36) and everything is fine. Afterward i try to install OJS on other hosting and again, everything is fine. Later i try to upload OJS from local to cpanel but GUI still doesn’t appear. Maybe someone know the solution …

My OJS site :

Hi @Ananta_Wijaya

Your stylesheet is not loadin (http://jurnal.stiesahidbali.ac.id/index.php/index/$$$call$$$/page/page/css?name=stylesheet)

Could you attempt switch theme to default and clear your journal cache?


Hi Israel, thanks for the reply. I already clearing data cache and template cache,but nothing happen.
i can’t change theme because themen menu did not appear.

Have you set your Journal Path as “index” ?
Could you attempt to change directly on DB?


Finally ojs can show the GUI, first i ask web administrator to change PHP version. From php ver.5.56 to php ver.7.x and the GUI appear. I did not understand why… from documentation min. spec for OJS 3.1.1 is php ver. 5.56

sorry my english is bad.
thanks for reply