[OJS] Usage Statistics for Supplementary Files return 0 views

After migration from 2.4 to 3.x usage statistics (metrics) for Supplementary Files return 0 views because metrics for these files are now written with a different association type (ASSOC_TYPE_SUBMISSION_FILE_COUNTER_OTHER).

This has been changed with version 3.x fix getViews · Issue #2167 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

There is a getViews() function in class lib/pkp/classes/submission/SubmissionFile.inc.php that only returns views with association type ASSOC_TYPE_SUBMISSION_FILE, so stats for Supplementary files never come up anymore.

Is there a way to read these stats? Any fix/workaround?

Just to raise my voice here as well. This is important to get right as journals report to boards and authors on views and downloads. So thus very important to know whether this is accurate.


Hi all,

We changed it the 3.x version because according to the COUNTER the supp files should not be considered in the current reports.
However the data is still in the DB, but you can not get the stats via GUI.
If you tell me what would you like to know I could provide an SQL, so that you can get the data from the DB.
Else, I think the supp files are listed in the Usage Stats Report but currently without label – this we will fix soon – so maybe this can eventually also help in a way…