[OJS] Sidebar management problem new


We upgraded OJS247 to OJS3.1.1.4. Everything seemed ok but we encountered sidebar management problem which was similar to the one already described in the previous post. Neither custom blocks nor Block plugins were shown in “Website settings → Appearance” under “Sidebar Management”. We solved the problem partially by applying the solution found here: pkp/pkp-lib#4011 Correct potential plugin load order clobbering · asmecher/pkp-lib@5ef2c49 · GitHub.

But the problem still persists. Namely, Block plugins are still missing in the list on the sidebar management. Besides, two enabled Block plugins are still listed under Unselected plugins:
53 47.

I am not able to find the solution on the forum. This is multi-journal website and php version is 5.6.

I would appreciate it very much if somebody could look into this problem.