[OJS] Showing ##archive.archives## instead of archives

ojs is showing ##archive.archives## instead of archives what might be the problem.
Im using OJS

Hi @Suresh_Kumar,

That is a missing translation. I guess you are not using English, right?

Regards, Primož

hi @primozs,
thanks for reply, but i’m using english.

Hi @Suresh_Kumar,

Then this key is missing in your localisation files. Where do you see that? Is it a header of the Archives page or what?

Regards, Primož

hi @primozs,
it is in breadcrumb and on title section of the archive page.

A translation line should exist in your language file for Archives

Its path is /journalroot/locale/en_US for English.
If you get the error although it exists, it might be due to another reason, I suggest to to clear the files in cache folder (not all the directories within it).
Please look at the image,

<!-- Archive index -->
<message key="archive.archives">Archives</message>

hi @drugurkocak,
thanks for the reply and it solves the problem.
Thanks again