[OJS] How to modify the 20 limit - number of items per page, shown in Submissions - All Active, for editors


I have a OJS, installed in a LAMP setting. The editors would want that all the items in the Submissions section of the site, the All Active tab to be shown.
Now there is a limit of 20 items per page. By clicking the Load more link, the website loads another 20.

I modified in Settings/Websites/ Lists - Limit the number of items to 100, and saved, but it didn’t get the desired effect.

I searched in templates files, the /lib/pkp/templates/dashboard/index.tpl file seems to deal with this page.
In the tab it loads something, related to this: pkp.registry.init(‘active-list-handler-{$uuid}’, ‘SubmissionsListPanel’, {$activeListData});
I searched for the keyword SubmissionsListPanel, and I found it in some possible files of interest:
/js/load.js - but there I couldn’t find the 20 limit.
A probable file might be
/js/build.js - it contains 50 instances of 20 - many clearly not dealing with the issue. I tried to modify a few, but it didn’t do the trick.

A possible place could be:
function(t,e,n){“use strict”;var i=n(422),r=n.n(i),s=n(163),o=n.n(s),a=n(442),c=n.n(a),u=n(113);e.a={name:“ListPanel”,components:{ListPanelItem:u.a},data:function(){return{id:"",items:[],itemsMax:null,searchPhrase:"",isLoading:!1,isOrdering:!1,isFilterVisible:!1,count:20,offset:0,apiPath:"",getParams:{},activeFilters:{},noticeType:"",i18n:{},lazyLoad:!1,_lastGetRequest:null}},computed:{classStatus:function(){return{"-isLoading":this.isLoading}},itemCount:function(){return this.items.length},canLoadMore
But I think some other functions might check if the value is >20 and then what I modify doesn’t change anything.

Any hint would be appreciated!

@ojspkpuser were you able to figure out how to fix this issue? We want to modify it to 100 submissions in one page as well, but couldn’t figure it out yet.

Hi @ojspkpuser
There are 2 places for this setting. One in the config.inc.php, and the other is in
Settings – Website-- Setup – Lists
I use OJS v3.2.1.1, but if you have a different version, you may find it at a different place.
Based on my experience, I can say that you shouldn’t set it to a very high value. Otherwise, you may experience performance issues on your journal.


Thank you for the answer!

Saddly, those settings are not working, at least for me.
In config.php.inc I have
; Number of items to display per page; overridable on a per-journal basis
items_per_page = 100
; Number of page links to display; overridable on a per-journal basis
page_links = 50

And in Settings/ Website /
Items per page 100
Page Links 50

Still it shows only 20 submissions a time

Maybe it is due to the fact I use OJS, or due to the oldGreg theme. Although the theme doesn t interfere the backend … So I think it is not related to it.

As a test, I also changed my list setting in Website to 99, and see that this change has no effect on my OJS system. It probably requires a fix by the developers.

Thank you!

Inded, I think it is not covered by code!

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I’ve the same problem. I want to set de default 20 quantity of submissions per page, but I think thak this change needs to make in the source code.

Yes, the setting described here changes the number of items that appear in the reader-facing frontend: for example lists of issues or articles in categories. There is no way, at the moment, to change the number of items per page other than by writing a custom plugin.

Thank you @NateWr !
Do you have an idea what files control that limit, so I can dig in it?

That’s in PKPSubmissionsListPanel here: https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/blob/master/classes/components/listPanels/PKPSubmissionsListPanel.inc.php#L27

Unfortunately there’s no hook in place now to help modify this from a plugin. You can use the template display hook to modify it but the my queue list will have already been fetched at that point.

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