OJS (How to fix OJS that Journal manager can not pick the editor, section editor, production editor)

Dear All,
How do I fix system OJS 3 which cannot pick/point journal editor, section editor, production editor and copy editor to in charge from submission to publication? please guide me

Hi @george_long,

Is this a result of an upgrade or recent installation?

Kind Regards,
Patricia M.

Since 2016, I cannot assign the other participants to be journal editor, copy editor, and production editor

However when we use Xampp for local host, the manager journal can assign the editor. Please help me how do I fix that? Thank you

Hi @george_long,

To confirm you’ve been using this version since 2016 and this is a recent issue you’re having? Are you able to provide screenshots?

Although I personally can’t advise on a solution, it might be helpful to take a look at the PHP error log- How do I find my PHP error log? - #2 and provide any information this brings up to other users.

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Public Knowledge Project Team

My mistaken, in 2016, I used OJS at first time then I continually upgrade until