[OJS] Email reminder when reviewer has not responded

Hi all

In Settings → Workflow → Review there’s the option:

*Send a reminder if a reviewer has not responded to a review request within the following time (days) after response due date:

Which email Template is sent here? I guess it’s “Review Remind”. But the text there does not refer to the question if the reviewer want’s to do it or not.


Hi @trace,

When you are in Setting > Workflow>Emails and you click the down arrow on any of the prepared email templated and click edit email this will give you the description of the email templates will provide you with information on where in the workflow the emails are being used.


The email template that would correspond with ‘Authomated Email Reminders’ (if set up under Settings > Review) would be ‘Review Request Remind Auto’

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Patricia M.
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Hi @pmangahis
Thanks. The template is just visible in english language mode. So I’d problems to find it.