OJS lost updated documents

Hi all,

I am having OJS From the article editorial history it looks like the author submitted several revised documents, but I can not find them in the system.

Here is the editorial history:

And here is the article page:

Any idea what is wrong?

I have checked also on the server filesystem under files/journals/2/articles/ID/submission and there are:

  • empty directory original
  • directory review with one file dated 27.6.2018
  • a file from 27.6.2018

Any idea where are the uplodated files located?

Regards, Primož

Hi all,

Actually I found the files on the filesystem:

But why we don’t see and access them in the UI?

Regards, Primož

Hi all,

Actually, the files are not lost, I found them and are visible in the OJS as well, however I am still confused. What I see from the editorial history:

  • The problem was that the author added revised documents on September 4th to the review round 2
  • The review round 2 was closed - actually review round 3 was started on July 4th
  • The review round 4 was started on July 4th (don’t ask me why)

The author (if I log in as) sees 4 review rounds, in all 4 rounds there is a discussion open between the editor and the author requesting submission revision. But the section ‘Revisions’ is available only in the review round 2. So in the review round 3 and 4 the author can not add revised documents.
If I look at the submission as and Journal Manager I can see the ‘Revisions’ section in all 4 review rounds.

One more info: The OJS have been upgraded from 2.4.8 to during the review process.

Any idea what is going on?

Regards, Primož