OJS - Cannot upload PDF to galleys

Hi I suddenly cannot upload PDF to galleys. In this case I have imported article through native xml, pick up the article, add the pdf to galley (the file is not too large) but the review details step is greyed out and I cannot complete the operation.
This is a new journal, but I have created and correctly completed archive articles on previous issues.Any suggestions?


It might help to check the file/directory permissions for your OJS’s galleys folder. That is the data folder usually located outside of your server’s document root. It should be readable and writable by your web server’s user.

When importing through XML, did you use the command line import script?

Thank you for your reply.

I must say I would not know where to locate the folder you mention…

The strange thing is that the pdfs were actually uploaded and are visibile although I could not complete the upload process correctly.

Don’t know what to say… but thank you for getting back to me.


The location of the private files directory can be found in your config.inc.php file under the setting files_dir. You would want to ensure that this directory and all subdirectories are writable by your webserver.

I think you would be getting a different error if that directory were read-only, however.

Can you check in your PHP error log and in your web browser’s javascript console log for any messages?

Thanks ctgraham… I see what I can do about this.