[OJS] Article statistics & Reference box

Hi! @bozana
Yes, I enabled.
For download statistics, can you plz check any article at this journal (Later I will disable this journal as only for testing)

Hi @bozana
Here is the screenshot of setting and submission page as authormetadatasubmitting

How are your usage statistics plugin settings (Settings > Website > Plugins > Generic Plugins > usage Statistics > Settings) for that journal? – It seems like the “Display submission statistics chart for reader” is not selected…

I’ll take a look regarding the reference input text field in my local installation… Your settings seem to be OK…


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Hi! @bozana
Yes, I selected from setting as in screenshot below (all settings are same as in earlier version 3.1.0 and I double checked all settings) -stat%20sett

Regarding reference input text field: this is really strange, because I have no problems – as author I see the references field just after the supporting agencies and openAIRE filed:


Hmmm… Could you try to clear the OJS cache and open an article metadata submit page as author again?
Hmmm… I do not know what else could it be… Could you maybe also check if any error occurs (in PHP error log file and browser developer tools)? Hmmm… :open_mouth:

Hi @bozana
Thanks for your reply. I will make a fresh upgrade to check if the problem still exist and report here probably by tomorrow.

Regarding the usage statistics graph: s. this GitHub Issue: getTemplatePath basePath · Issue #3556 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. Please track that issue for the coming fix, that you would then need to apply :frowning:

EDIT: this change is needed: pkp/pkp-lib#3556 fix basePath in getTemplatePath() by bozana · Pull Request #3559 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub


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Hi! @bozana
Appreciate your hard work and help. Above fix solved download statistic Issue.
Regarding reference box, I noticed that reference box appears properly when submit article with author role, However, if make a submission with journal manager/editor role reference box does not appear.

Kind Regards

After upgrading OJS to 3.1 we are getting special characters at the end of references of previously added articles. Anyone knows the reason ?

Sample :

  1. Fung E, Nemeth E. Manipulation of the hepcidin pathway for therapeutic purposes. Haematologica 2013;98(11):1667–76.
  2. Hintze KJ, McClung JP. Hepcidin: A Critical Regulator of Iron Metabolism during Hypoxia. Adv Hematol [Internet] 2011. ID 510304, 7 pages. Doi:10.1155/2011/510304…
  3. Kwapis J, Slomka A, Zekanowska E. Hepcidin and its Role in Iron Homeostasis. EJFICC 2009;20(2):124–8.

Hi @Haroon_Sattar
Its look like you changed following character_set_name in config.inc.php

connection_charset =
database_charset =
charset_normalization =

Just check that above setting is same in your previous installation and upgrade installation before initiating upgrade process.
There are many threads in the forum to convert and fix utf8/utf-8 character_set, kindly find it if this is the issue.

Thank a lot ! @aabahishti It worked for me.
Can you please guide me how to add quick submit plugin in OJS 3.1 .


Hi @Haroon_Sattar

I think you should as admin user go to the Settings > Website > Plugins > Plugin Gallery and install the plugin from there.


@bozana I was able to install the plugin manually. Thanks a lot for your time.

Can you tell me how to change the styling of Header of website. ?

Hi @Haroon_Sattar

What exactly do you mean with “Header of website” ?


Hi @bozana,
I use OJS 3.1.1 and get the reference tab for editors.
Can you elaborate about this reference tab or direct me to pages where the details of this reference tab is available?

Hi @anupent

Currently it is only for the references to be parsed (line-by-line), then each reference saved, and then displayed on the article view page. This is the very first step toward Crossref reference linking, that will come in one of the next OJS releases, together with the new Crossref deposit API integration. Then the references will be added to the Crossref DOI registration XML, and the user will have the possibility to check if a DOI is found for article references by Crossref. If a DOI is found it will be retrieved from Crossref and saved in OJS DB and can then be displayed together with the references on the article view page.


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Dear @bozana,
I have got the same problem as mentioned above. Fresh installation of OJS 3.1.1. but Reference box is missing. I cleared the cash, unchecked and checked the box for reference…
Any other idea or …?

Hi! @Lazar_Stosic
In my case reference box was missing if making submission through journal manager/editor role. But its working if submit with author role. Try to submit with different account having author role.

Hi @aabahishti
Thank you for answer. The problem was solved. Now everything work.

Hi all,

The fix is coming with this GitHub Issue: enable manager roles to add references during a submission · Issue #3750 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub and next OJS release 3.1.1-1…