OJS 3.1.01 update


good day! after updating to OJS 3.1.01, our site looked like this. although the site is functioning well, the links and the site sections show the codes and not the correct text. how do i fix this? thank you.

This could mean that the localization files for the language used in the user interface are not readable. Could you check in your OJS settings (backend → Settings → Website → Languages) which languages are activated (tick box at the left of each line) and which language is selected as “primary locale”? In that line, click on the blue arrow and then on “Reload defaults”. (Please keep a copy of your OJS in case anything gets lost, like ui text modifications you made.)

Also, if you have server access, you could try to find the xml files that should be in [ojs]/locale/en_US [ojs]/lib/pkp-lib/locale/en_US (or any other language code you need). There should be a number of valid xml files in there. Those files need to be readable by the web server user (wwwrun:www or similar, depending on your system).

Where did you get the OJS code, from the PKP download site or did you install via git from GitHub?


This is what’s shown in the settings > website > languages page. I’m still trying the server method. Also, how do i backup my OJS? I just want to make sure. Thank you.

Hello, I want to ask if OJS2 to OJS3 in upgrade is there any missing files? and if build OJS3 from ojs2 how the setting it?

when we upgraded from OJS2 to OJS3, the site had problems with regards to our html galleys. we overhauled the overall look of our html galleys for OJS3. Now, we upgraded to OJS3.1 and this happened.

Uh okay, apparently there are no localization files in your OJS installation or they are not readable by the web server.

You might like to try the following steps:

  1. create a dump from your SQL database, for example using phpMyAdmin
  2. take a copy of your files/galleys folder (the one that’s supposed to be located outside the web server root, see the line starting with files_dir = in your config.inc.php)
  3. make a fresh OJS installation of the same version you had before, but do not run the install process in your browser
  4. import the database dump from step 1 into a new database and create a new database user with read/write rights to it
  5. copy the files/galleys folder into a new location outside the webserver root (where it can’t be accessed in a browser)
  6. go to the new OJS installation directory on your server and do cp config.TEMPLATE.inc.php config.inc.php
  7. enter your new database details and the file/galleys path, check the file permissions, set the line installed= to on and open the new OJS install in your browser

Then, you should see your data in a default OJS design. If everything worked, you will need to transfer CSS and possibly other modification your may have done to the new installation. After taking copies from the original install in steps 1 and 2, your original install will not be changed by this.

do we lose our domain name if we make a new installation?

Probably not, but you should definitely do that on a development oder test server and not on your production site - just in case.

is there a way to make the files readable by the web server without reinstalling the OJS?

Yes, you can use the chmod and chown commands on the command line of
your server, for example:

cd [into the directory where the language is located]
sudo chown wwwrun:www -R .
sudo chmod ug+r -R .

This should make the files readable to your web server. The exact user
name and group, which in this example is wwwrun:www, depends on your
operating system. If in doubt, check with your server administrator.

im sorry for being somewhat naive about these things, can the server be found in the cpanel or is it located somewhere else?

The server’s command line can be accessed by opening an ssh connection to it.

If that doesn’t mean anything to you, I’d suggest you ask your server administrator about this, as on the command line, it is possible to accidentally cause even more problems than you already have, if you don’t know for sure what you are doing.

i am planning to make a fresh OJS installation. i am using windows. how do i import the old database and original files to the new installation? thank you.

hi. we already made a new OJS installation. the files appear in the dashboard or at the backend of our site (submissions) but the html galley does not. it just loads a blank page. is there something missing?

Hi @cxl,

A blank page usually indicates a PHP error; check your PHP error log for details.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team