[OJS 3.1.0_1] SMTP Error: data not accepted


We had never faced a problem sending email from the system (OJS). However, recently when we wanted to make an announcement, we could not send email to the OJS users. We got an everlasting spinging ring.

Php error_log showed:

SMTP Error: data not accepted.

We use SMTP as our mail server hosted in a shared environment.
The logged in user was the OJS admin, journal manager, and editor.

On searching similar problems online, I mostly get this message:

your server doesn't allow different sender and username

Where am I missing the point?

For now, I managed to send email using mailchimp.


I got a similar smtp error when publishing our last issue. Routine editorial messages are sent by smtp server by using a valid smpt account (the journal’s domain), but when I click on “publish issue”, it ended with 500 internal server error. At the end, the issue were published successfully, but php_log recorded those errors. But I am not sure if these two errors are related. Screenshot attached.