[OJS] Problem in Navigation Menu Items

Hi everybody,
I did the update at and it all went well, but, no longer appears to me the menu, attached photo


This is that i see when go in the setting area, and then on line this:


I see nothing where is normally the default menu. Is happened to anyone? Any suggestion for fix it?

Thanks in advence.



that happened to us too when upgrading to OJS 3.1. Some identifiers got not translated (navigation menu items and also user roles). We have a multi journal installation and it happened to only some journals and sometimes to only some of these items. A temporary fix: click these items, select ‘edit’ and then rename them. It still displays to which page the navigation item would lead so you can give it the correct name.

Hi @heike_riegler thanks for suggestion!
I have solved this by replacing the following tables:


with tables of a new installation of OJS, and it works.