OJS - Please add new filter


Would it be possible, in the near future, to add a filter based on the “Future Issues” (previously created by our team) on the Submissions page?
(to appear in the red area shown in the print-screen down below)

I ask this because our journal publishes thematic and non-thematic issues, and we are always accepting new submissions (even if at the beginning we don’t have a specific issue in mind for them). This means that when we have an open call for papers, every time someone submits an article we immediately have to add it to a previously created ‘future issue’ so we can be able to have a minimal track of the articles (in order to know if they are to be published in a specific thematic issue or if they only submitted to be published later on in a non-thematic one).
Right now, we are still using the OJS to receive the submissions regarding the thematic issues, but our plan is to receive all those submissions through this platform. If we are to apply this to all of them, it would truly help us if we could sort them right away with a filter where we could choose which 'future issue ’ (we could choose by number, for example) articles to see right away (and see if there are reviews missing, etc). At the moment, we can only track this if we take this path (after we schedule each submission for publication):

Issues > Future Issues > (select the issue we want) > Articles > and then we need to open ONE BY ONE (in a new tab, or else we have to do it all over again to have access to the other articles) to see if there is a review missing, if the author review is in fault, etc.

It would be really helpful, specially with the amount of submissions we receive every day.

Thank you in advance,

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I’m a bit late at this party, but I very much support this idea! Although there is a relevant (and still open) issue in the Git tracker, I only see the option of an “issue filter” mentioned indirectly in this comment: Add filtering options to new submissions list · Issue #2612 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.

Yet, I think this could be a real improvement! Otherwise, since the editorial organization in OJS seems to pivot around sections, this practically forces editors to cram the concept of “(special) issues” into the concept of “sections”, as often recommended in this forum (e.g. Assign article to issues - #2 by ajnyga).

Did you meanwhile find a satisfying workflow for your journal, @Alina_T?