[OJS] Making questions in review form mandatory

I received an empty revision, I don’t know how it could happen the OJS has the fields in the revision format as mandatory.
you cannot edit or complete it.
I can’t delete it.
How can you correct
please help.


Hi @proyrevistas,

It looks like this should have been a reviewer form, correct? Once these are submitted I don’t believe these can be modified.

As well, it doesn’t appear that you’ve made these questions mandatory when you set up the reviewer form. Mandatory fields are typically indentified with an asterick:


Unfortunately, you won’t be able to edit a reviewer form that has already been used. I would suggest making a copy and making edits.


Within each question, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve enabled 'Reviewers required to complete item


Kind Regards,
Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project

thank you,

What can I do? At the database level, I can complete the proposal.