[OJS] Catalog article component empty when I try to upload a dependent file

Hi everybody

I am trying to upload a image as a dependent file to one galley that’s why I have created a galley associate to a JATS/XML file, whitin the xml I have a graphic tag points to one image, I have made in other OJS that after create the galley, is posible associate a dependent file through uploading the image in the OJS using the Edit button in the galley options as show in the following image:

However when I try to upload the image, the list of component articles is empty as the following image:


I have reviewed the error logs of my Apache server but I dont see nothing about this. I have queried the genres table in my database, the following image is the result:


Someone of the PKP group could help me to resolve this, I really appreciate it.

Hi @juancure

Yes, your DB table genres seems a little bit strange: 1) two defualt keys are missing (IMAGE and OTHER), and 2) just 3 genres are enabled.
It seems that you also have some custom genres.
So maybe to double check all genres via GUI and 1) manually add the missing keys for the appropriate genre_ids in the DB table, 2) ensure all custom genres are correct/as wished, and 3) check which genres should actually be enabled.