OJS 3.0 problem in import and website setup

Hello I have got a couple of problem in the newly installed OJS 3.0 version. I got following problems:

  1. Under Tools → Import/Export . I could not import previous user data and issue data.
    it says:

Validation errors:
Extra content at the end of the document
The document has no document element.

  1. I could not put a banner (a jpeg format) in the header. It appears below the text banner.

  2. I could not replace “hoted by PKP” in the footer.

Please help me. I moved to new system with a great hope but caught a lot of problem.

Hi @novice

What do you try to import? The XML from an older OJS version? OJS 3.0 has a different XML schema and the old OJS 2.4.x schema is not supported any more.

Where do you want to put a banner in the header? I think, in OJS 3.0 you can only upload logo image in the header, under Settings > Website > Appearance.

Yes, the PKP banner cannot be removed. The only think you could do is to style it with CSS e.g. with “display:none” or so.


Thanks @bozana, is there any way to get XML tranfered from older OJS to new one 3.0?

Hi @novice

Unfortunately nothing exists that I would know about. It would be possible to write a script to transform it.