OJS 3.0.2 QuickSubmit Plugin - Locales and Add Galley problem


OJS 3.0.2
QuickSubmit Plugin works fine, it delivers its purpose but there are two issues with it.

  • when choosing language in the form, it crashes. I tried to work around it and add setDefaultFormLocale() to Form.inc.php and the error stopped, but if we change the UI locale while in quickSubmit, it crashes. I searched the forum and realize this locale problem has been an issue.

  • when to add galley, after filling label it doesn’t proceed. The spinner never ends and it stumbles there, but if we close the window and refresh or hit something else in the page, we notice the galley is created and then its possible to add files. The only thing the log shows is:

PHP Warning: assert(): Assertion failed in /var/www/html/lib/pkp/classes/notification/managerDelegate/EditingProductionStatusNotificationManager.inc.php on line 188,

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Hi @digitojs! Thanks for using QuickSubmitPlugin!

2 question to try to narrow down the problem - what version of QuickSubmitPlugin are you using? Do you get any Javascript errors (and on which browser)?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Dimitris_Efstathiou,

Thank you for your reply.
QuickSubmitPlugin version is

The issues are the same I described in the previous post. When trying to add galley, it freezes and only when I “save” the incomplete submission it shows the galley.

Tested in Firefox and Chrome, and only reports:

jquery.min.js:4 [Deprecation] Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help, check https://xhr.spec.whatwg.org/.
send @ jquery.min.js:4
ajax @ jquery.min.js:4
$.pkp.controllers.NotificationHandler.fetchNotificationHandler_ @ NotificationHandler.js:76
$.pkp.classes.Handler.handleEvent @ Handler.js:217
dispatch @ jquery.min.js:3
r.handle @ jquery.min.js:3
trigger @ jquery.min.js:3
triggerHandler @ jquery.min.js:3
$.pkp.controllers.NotificationHandler @ NotificationHandler.js:36
$.pkp.classes.ObjectProxy.parent @ ObjectProxy.js:112
proxyConstructor @ Helper.js:283
$.pkp.classes.Helper.objectFactory @ Helper.js:209
(anonymous) @ jquery.pkp.js:37
each @ jquery.min.js:2
each @ jquery.min.js:2
$.fn.pkpHandler @ jquery.pkp.js:31
(anonymous) @ saveSubmit:181
j @ jquery.min.js:2
fireWith @ jquery.min.js:2
ready @ jquery.min.js:2
K @ jquery.min.js:2

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Thank you!

Just to make sure, are you sure you are using the latest release of the QuickSubmitPlugin (Releases · pkp/quickSubmit · GitHub) and not the master branch code?

If yes, please provide us with one or two screenshots. It would be really helpful.



I was indeed using master branch version, my mistake.
I replaced with 3_0_2 release and reestablished the Form.inc.php removing the code I added (setDefaultFormLocale()), so that everything went back to “default”.

Now, when changing quicksubmit language, it is ok. If I change the UI language it throws:

Fatal error: Call to a member function getCoverImage() on a non-object in /var/www/html/plugins/importexport/quickSubmit/QuickSubmitForm.inc.php on line 111

About the Add galley, it still has the same problem and the same error:

Thank you for your help!
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@digitojs, unfortunately I can’t reproduce the error.

  • After changing the code base of the plugin, did you flush ojs’s cache?
  • Your web server is hosted on a windows or on linux server?
  • Could you indicate the PHP version, and also, maybe any error produced by the web server (not only by PHP) when the problem occurs?
  • Does the ‘Galleys’ grid work without problems at the ‘Production’ tab of a submission workflow?
  • Could you please define the steps we have to follow in order to fully reproduce both the problems?