[OJS 3.0.2] More than one admin possible?

As far as I can see there is only one admin. Right now I need two browsers, one logged in as admin the other as e.g. journal manager, because I dont have access to everything as journal manager (as it was in OJS 2.4.8). Is there a way to give the journal manager admin rights?

See this thread:

@ctgraham thanks - couldnt find that thread.

In OMP3 you can hack a second admin with some Database modifications, I suppose in OJS3 it’s very the same since their architectures more or less identical:

How to:

  1. log into the db

  2. find out the id of the user you want to admin by querying the tbale ´users´

insert into user_user_groups (user_group_id, user_id) values (2,<user_id>);
insert into user_user_groups (user_group_id, user_id) values (2,<user_id>);
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