OJS 3.0.2. Keywprd problem

I’m sure that I have mentioned this before in some other post but I think it isn’t resolved.
When authors are entering keywords in submission they usually copy/paste them all at once (journal proposition is that keywords are separated by comma) in 2.x.x version of OJS this wasn’t problem because system has automatically separated all keywords, in OJS 3.0.x this is a big problem because all keywords are stored as single line in base table controlled_vocab_entry_settings. I have tested this in different browsers and realize that if authors are entering keywords one-by-one they are separated in different rows but if pasted all-at-once they are entered as one keyword.

Hi @knjigor,

We use the third-party Tag-it control for entering keywords and other controlled vocabulary fields. This control has a couple of limitations that are already described in git issues such as this one. We may opt to change this control out for another in a future release.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team