OJS 3.0.2 How to change order on first page

Hi there.
I am recently migrating my periodic to OJS, and I am facing now my first difficulty.
On the first page, there are the "News, then the “Actual Edition” and right below it the “Description”.
I would like to know how can I change this order, making the Description appears first, and then the Actual Edition, and last the News.

Thx for your time fellows

You could create a child theme and add a custom frontpage template there with the alternative order you desrcribed. https://pkp.gitbooks.io/pkp-theming-guide/content/en/child-themes.html

Wow. Too much complicated to have to create a new theme just for that. Isn’t possible to edit just the frontpage or something?

It is not possible to change the order of those elements from the dashboard, if that’s what you mean. You do not need to create a child theme, you can also add a template directory to the theme you use and add the modified front page template there (the guide tells how to do this, I think). It would be possible to create a theme where the order of those elements could be modified from the theme settings, but I do not know any theme that does that.