OJS 3.0.2: Articles missing in "Export Articles" (Native XML Plugin)

I want to export articles from a journal in OJS 3.0.2, but only a fraction of the articles from the journal are shown in the export. I can’t determine why this is the case. Some of the missing articles are “archived” (Declined), some are still “Active” (in diffent kind of stages of the publication process). But there are also declined / active articles shown in the export.

We tried to update from OJS 3.0.2 to OJS 3.1, but encountered several problems during the update process. So I want to export the articles and import them to a “fresh” OJS 3.1 manually.

I do not know why all articles are not being imported, but if you export with 3.0.2 and try to import to 3.1 you will probably encounter problems. The two XML:s are not 100% compatible.

I know how painful upgrades can be, but I would encourage you to try the upgrade route.


thanks @ajnyga. I know the differences between the XML’s in 3.0.2 and 3.1 and managed to correct the XML export from 3.0.2 so it can be imported to 3.1.1. However, this is not an “import” problem, but an “export” problem :wink: I can’t even see some articles in the export tab (only 22 of 51 are shown) and I don’t have a clue, why they are not shown in the export tab.

Sure I understand, just wanted to make sure that you know the difference.

You could try comparing an article that does show up to an article that does not show up in listing by looking at them in the database - preferably from the same stage. It does sound like a bug in the export tool, something to do with the logic the articles are fetched there.