OJS 3.0.2: Article Page is displayed without complete data

Dear Colleagues,

I am an administrator of the Newspaper Portal of Sustenere Publishing Corporation (www.sustenere.co). We recently migrated to OJS 3.0.2. There is a strange bug. We are unable to solve.

In several editions with the same configuration. Articles within the same issue with the same configuration. And some, in their final page of display, appear with complete data and others incomplete.

The edition is Open Journal Systems

See that the article below, presents on your page all the information configured for that journal/edition:

However, this other article, in the same edition and under the same settings, does not display complete information:

On the page with an error, the edit cover, edit information, PDF, date of publication, citation, keywords, and rights can not be viewed.

We have already made comparisons in the OJS administration area, as well as in the MySQL database. We checked data given by both articles to check for inconsistencies and were not found.

This occurs in several articles, in various editions, and in several journals of our system.

Does this problem occur to anyone else? Can you help me solve it?

Hi @Sustenere,

Have you checked your PHP error log? There’s likely useful information there.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team