OJS Reassigning reviewer who mistakenly declined

I notice this issue has been brought up previously for OJS 2.4.

One of our reviewers declined by mistake but now we can’t reassign them to the article - their name does not appear in the list of reviewers when we select ‘add reviewer’. Is there anything we can do to fix this and reassign them?

Thank you,

Hi @Tuwpub,
I originally posted the bug and the simple fix for those who have access to the code. For those who don’t have access, I posted a workaround for OJS 2.4.x where you can reassign a reviewer by creating a URL by hand to do that action. You can see the procedure in my Jan 6th post in the discussion thread below. If they haven’t updated the SELECT statement in the DAO then the procedure should still work.

I’m running a variant of 2.4 rather than OJS3, so you may need to update some bits of the URL to make it work for OJS3. Hover your mouse over the Assign link for some other reviewer to see what they look like.