[OJS] How to Get Custom Block Plugin Running?

I’m trying to develop a block plugin, which shows the first three announcements in the sidebar. Therefore I duplicated the developedBy plugin in the block folder. For the first step I changed all folder, file, variable, localization and class naming consistently. Then I changed the contents of block.tpl to simply output »hello world« and gave it a try.

The plugin fits neatly into the backend, but activating it doesn’t lead to an output of »hello world« in the frontend. What am I missing?

Any help would be great!

Regards, Tobias

If you go to ‘Settings > Website > Appearance’ after activating the custom block, then scroll down to ‘Sidebar management’, you probably have to drag the custom block from the ‘Unselected’ column to the ‘Sidebar’ column, then drag it to the order that you want.

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@verdonv, thanks for your suggestion, but it doesn’t work. I uploaded a zip of my code (it’s not really much to look at) – hopefully someone can help:

Regard, Tobias

Did you remember to save after dragging the plugin from “Unselected” to “Sidebar”? I tried your code in a development copy of OJS 3.0.2+ and it worked for me.

After your post, I’ve deinstalled, cleared every cache, reinstalled, reactivated, dragged to sidebar and saved. Don’t ask me why, but now it works …
Thanks. Now I can go into the topic of my plugin.

But I’m wondering, why the »Developed By« block plugin is directly active, when enabled in the »Installed Plugins« panel.

Regards, Tobias