OJS 3.0.1 Homepage problem

Installation of OJS 3.0.1 was ‘successful’ but after logging in to the home/login page, this is what the page looks like; it’s missing a lot of elements, not even the register link.

I have previously installed OJS 3.0.1 in a local server using XAMPP without encountering this problem

Hi @Jan_Samuel_Matuba,

Did you create a journal when logged in with your Administrator account?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hello @asmecher

Found a similar post on the same problem. Setting the reset ip to Off solved it.

However, I have another problem. I’m currently following this thread (Please, How To Direct Single Journal To Web Root (http://journalpage.com) instead of (http://journalpage.com?index.php/ojs) - #2 by ctgraham) for removing index.php and journal name in the url.

In particular:
I would like this:
to become:

I have already tried copying different mod rewrite conditions and I have also already set the following in the config file:
base_url[‘index’] = aghamx.com
base_url[‘aghamx’] = http://www.aghamx.com
restful_urls = On

But unfortunately, it ends up with redirect loops or incorrect display.

Please post this new question as a new forum topic, or post it as a reply to one of the existing topics, such as the one you mention above. Be sure to post details of the mod_rewrite configuration you are trying and what the result is.