[OJS 2.x] Editing submenu

How do you add/delete sub-menus in the navigation bar?
I noticed that there is a plugin for OJS 3.0 but can’t find any for 2.x.

Can you give an example of what you mean by submenus? I’m not aware of anything I would classify as a “submenu” off of the core OJS2 product’s main navigation bar.

Take a look at http://nje.org.na/index.php/nje for example. I believe their OJS is v.2 not v.3.
Their About menu has 3 submenus.

This is a customized version of an OJS theme. Generally, these kinds of customizations are readily shared, but the developer of this particular site has been very hostile to sharing in the past. You can ask the journal managers or the developer about sharing the customized code, but beware that you may find resistance.

See this as another example:

I see. Actually our journal is being managed by the same developer. Our site, too, had a nested menu in the navigation bar. But the developer said that particular nested menu can only be used as-is and cannot be customized, which lead to the removal of the menu because we didn’t like the nested menu.

Having removed the off-the-shelf nested menu from the developer, I was looking for a way to customize a nested menu myself, but I guess it’s not available in OJS 2.x?

Hi @Newtonite,

Just a note that while we do provide free support here, it costs us quite a bit of time and effort and directly impacts our small development team’s rate of progress in improving the software. In an ideal open-source community, third-party service providers contribute back and strengthen the software ecosystem, and provide technical support to their own users. When that doesn’t happen, unfortunately, it means a user is paying someone else for support, but the PKP team is doing the work for free. This undermines our ability to improve the software for everyone.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I understand.

Does PKP Team provide hosting service too?

Hi @Newtonite,

Yes, we do – see https://pkpservices.sfu.ca/ for details – and we’re also happy to work with third-party service providers and publishers who are constructive members of the open-source community. And of course the thousands of journals who self-host.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team