OJS 2: a workaround for big files upload

Hi All,
some users need to upload files grater that 100Mb and I can’t edit php.ini upload_max_filesize and I don’t want to overwrite the limit in my OJS installation.

How to?

I thougt:

  1. Upload a 1mb fake file with right metadata
  2. Overwrite it with a same name file via ssh

But I’ve a question: does it affect file indexing or any information retrieval OJS feature?


Hi @Alfredo_Cosco

You are using OS 2.4.x, right? Only the galley and supplementary files are indexed, thus, if you upload them in the way you describe here, you will have to rebuild the search index.
Also, the file size is saved in the DB table article_files, so this information could be wrong too – for example if you export the galley or supplementary file in a format that uses the file size, e.g. the DataCite, mEDRA or METS. Eventually the file size plays a role in usage statistics plugin, but I am not sure about that…


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