OJS 2.4 not sending emails -- how to configure on Plesk

I followed the steps and installed OJS 2.4 on a windows 12 server that is running PLESK. I created author and editor accounts however the author is not getting email notifications. I checked Plesk to see if OJS has created an email account on it, and my plesk’s email section has no accounts yet.
So can some one please explain how can OJS send emails from the journal to the say authors, reviewers etc. What do I need to configure, how does the cycle works?

Do I need to create an email on my domain (via plesk and then add it somewhere in the OJS configuration so OJS uses it to send emails?).


Hi @oah433,

There is some information about how to configure OJS to send email in the Administrator’s Guide. I hope this is helpful.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team