[OJS 2.4.8] Same text for several locales

In our OJS we like to have the locale strings site.journalCurrent, navigation.current , journal.currentIssue with the same text. So far I edited every entry manually.
Is there a way to define only one of the three strings and the other two will get the same text automatically:
e.g. I define site.journalCurrent and tell the others navigation.current = $site.journalCurrent$ and journal.currentIssue = $site.journalCurrent$ - this doesnt work?!

And another question: why is the text ...current differentiated into three versions? It seems to me that they are actually leading to the same site.


Hi @lcbossert,

The short answer is that the locale files are quite sprawling and could use some review to clean up duplicate and unused keys. There’s currently no mechanism to alias locale keys as you describe, so for the moment I’d recommend simply leaving the content duplicated. We’ve already done some cleanup for the OJS 3.0 line of releases and will continue to do more.

Sometimes duplication of content in one language (e.g. English) is necessary, because another language might have distinctions in conjugation or use that aren’t relevant to English. However, I’m not enough of a linguist to know how to approach this systematically.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team