[OJS 2.4.8] PHP8 Readiness

Dear PKP Team, What is the possibility of releasing/supporting an update for OJS2.4.8 code string to run on PHP8?


Hi @tretief,

OJS 2.x is obsolete and the migration code to 3.x has been removed as of OJS 3.3.0 (meaning there’s now an intermediate upgrade required to get to the current 3.x release). I would strongly recommend upgrading to 3.x. The dev team isn’t working on the 2.x codebase any more, so we won’t release a version of 2.x that’s compatible with PHP8, but if someone is able to put together a pull request we would be open to code-reviewing and merging into the 2.x github branch for those in the community who need it.

However, I think the time would be much better spent on upgrading to 3.x. If there are impediments to that upgrade, maybe we can walk through them here?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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