OJS 2.4.8 CrossRef Plugin bugs?

In OJS 2.4.8 CrossRef Plugin, I think there is a bug in generating “Export Issues”. see pic

When clicking “Export”, the exported XML file contains DOI crossref registration, which contains “<pages/” tags for certain items. In my case, there are “Guide for contributors”, “Editorial Personnel” and “From the Editors”.

The above 3 items contains “<pages/” tags, which are not allowed for crossRef submission. So two questions:
Sorry. I was unable to upload the XML file for reference.

  1. How can I fix this problem with OJS? seems to add a “publication_date” in somewhere
  2. Any plan to fix this bug?


Hi @Y_H

I am not sure, that I understand the problem: You have an empty “pages” element (<pages/>), right? – I’ll take a look at that…
If the publishing date is missing, you would have to enter it in OJS…


Can you paste the relevant section (or the whole XML) which contains the <pages /> node? I can’t see in the current code, or the prior code, how you wouldn’t at least get a <first_page> element inside the <pages> element.

Surround the XML with three backticks to format it:

``` ```

The journal issues is available at https://journals.uair.arizona.edu/index.php/jmmss/issue/view/1021

The XML file can be found at

Got it. This is a bug specific to 2.4.8-0, specifically in representing non-numeric pages (such as roman numerals).

There is a workaround for this here:

This simply avoids processing non-numeric pages. It is available in 2.4.8-1 and later.

Ultimately, this was rewritten to better align with CrossRef specifications:

This will be part of the standard release in 2.4.9.

Thanks much for the update!