[OJS] Reviewer Interest not showing properly in most browsers

I think the javascript is broken in the script that retrive interests on the profile page, only Internet Explorer is actually displaying those now.

Internet Explorer 11:



Chrome (the plain textarea only shows up sometimes, usually it stays blank :

Any idea on what is cauding it and how to fix that?

I disabled the enable_cdn from config.inc.php and it worked. Was that supposed to be on? Is that something that I can enable in my network or that I can check it somehow? My system administrator might have block something needed for it to work?

I updated to some 2-3 months ago and at the same sime upgraded the server to PHP 7 and Apache24 (in hindisight the PHP7 upgrade might not have been a good idea), but that setting was On before and everything worked. I’m inclined to think this was some restriction imposed on my network… any ideas?

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