[OJS] Specific user without actions on his page

HI everybody!
i use OJS and I would need to not display any kind of user action on a specific account in our journal.
I attach an image with marked in red what I would not display for this specific user:


Is it possible to do so? can you help me in case?

Thanks for support!


Hi @Tiziano

Hmmm… That user then probably has only the “Reader” role, could that be?


Hi @bozana, yes, it’s already a “reader” role, but in this case I didn’t want to give that account the chance to do any action. nothing.

Hi @Tiziano

Hmmm… Then you could then maybe either disable or remove that user. s. what “disable” and "remove means here: https://pkp.sfu.ca/ojs/docs/userguide/2.3.3/journalManagementUserManagement.html. The user cannot be actually removed, thus maybe you would also like to merge that user with another (s. https://pkp.sfu.ca/ojs/docs/userguide/2.3.3/journalManagementUserMerge.html).


@bozana this solution would not be good because the user must be active, but simply must not view the various profile editing menus or other actions.

Is it possible to create a {if}{else} via the User ID to edit for this ID only?

more specifically, how can I select a specific user id?