[OJS] Two questions for subscriptions

Hi everybody,
i need help for two questions, the first: now a user who wants to subscribe both online and in print must register twice: is it possible to make him/her register only once and take out more subscriptions?
and the second: is it possible to add a “subscription type” in the Subscription search?

Thanks for any help.


Hi @Tiziano,

You can create a subscription type that’s ‘Print and Online’ so that you should only need one subscription record for these subscribers.

It’s not possible to currently search by subscription type and because current development is focused on OJS 3.x, OJS 2.4.x will only be receiving bug fixes moving forward (i.e. no new features).

However you may find the Subscriptions Report helpful. You can open the report in either MS Office or OpenOffice and you can then filter/sort by subscription type, expiration date, etc. To generate the report, you will need to go to Journal Management => Stats & Reports => Subscription Report.


Hi Michael, thanks for your advices, i think i found a solution for the trouble. i need test it for see. :grin: