OJS Subscription period problem

Hi people:

I’ve learned that the current version of OJS will allow current activate subscriber to access all contents published in the journal.

The question is that how to modify OJS to allow subscriber only can access contents published in their subscription period? (say from year 1.Jan.2010 to 1.Jan.2017) by using the Start date and End date columns in subscription form?

It will be great if OJS enabled this module in OJS 3.1.0 version as we have over 40 journal members whom having trouble with this. In the mean time can anyone suggest a solution?


Hi @anzewill,

Please see the following for a detailed response.


Thanks for your kind reply Michael.
I understand that this isn’t a consideration at the moment.

Since limited subscription is really important for us. Is there a temporary solution that i can use? At the moment any new subscriber can access full content and this is indeed not fair for those whom have paid in full.

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Its an important feature that is missing in OJS. I remember it was requested in the old forum and certainly had traction, it was something that one had to find a programmer to do. It would be great if journal managers can set the access terms for their journals in terms of what is available and not available. After all, they work with their constituency and are responding to their needs.

People are usually looking for information when they land on a journal to subscribe. While I can see the idea of perceived value of buffet type access, the users needs are far more important here. Offering something that is not sought after or needed does not add any perceived value, and can be quite distracting to users. It would be great if journal managers have the flexibility to offer various option for their users.


Hi Newone:

I can not agree any more.

Have you found a solution to this? I have been looked into the code and seems there is a lot to modify.


Hi @ansewill

I have not found a solution yet.

I am considering some options yet, and I will let you know.

Are you interested in just limiting access to current year subscription? Please, clarify.


Sorry about the late reply.

We are more like looking for a year range based subscription options.
e.g. subscribed from year 2015-2018. contents published in this year range can be accessed by the subscriber.