OJS Error

Good Morning!

We have updated the OJS platform from the version to, however when I try to generate and XML file in order to place it in CrossRef ad the editor, and import and export the Crossref in XML I get the following message.


Clicking directs you to blank page. Before if used to say export edition and export articles.

How to correct this error.

This sounds like a failed upgrade. What method did you use for upgrading (e.g. patching, or the full package)? Do you have any known local changes to the code?

Hey Thanks. I am going to ask my IT person in order to give that answer! thanks


Our IT reported

1 - The system was updated through Patching, like we have already done before.

2 - We realized the procedure to show log errors on our server, the following link is
the error, Directory PHP Fatal error: Using $this when not
in object context in
on line 220, referer: http://periodicos.unicesumar.edu.br/index.php/rama/manager/importexport/plugin/CrossRefExportPlugin

Ah, you are running into this issue:

It can be fixed by the patch attached to the Github issue.


I’m having trouble finding the file to download. There seems to be completed.

The particular lines to change are here:

Are you familiar with git, or with patching, or with changing the code manually?