OJS- - Blank emails

I have received this from one of our Journal Managers.

I am receiving blank emails (see below) that in my inbox say are from me and are titled “able to review” and contain no message so I can not tell which reviewer is sending the able or unable to review message. I am hoping we can fix this? Is it all possible to go back to the system where in my inbox the emails contain the name of the person who sent them and not my own? I understand this is for security reasons but it is not very efficient for the job at hand.

---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
Subject: [CJCP / RCCP] Able to Review
From: “Tyla Charbonneau” rcc@ucalgary.ca
Date: Mon, December 7, 2015 9:02 am
To: “Tyla Charbonneau” rcc@ucalgary.ca


Hi @EdwardDavid,

It looks like the body text for the REVIEW_CONFIRM email is missing. I’d suggest checking in the Prepared Emails interface to see if it’s there.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher,
Interesting when I migrated from 2.4.3 to this prepared email had the English template in the french template with the English empty.
I am copying the templates from the old to the new. I tried a reset which did nothing.

Why would this be happening?


In OJS 2.x there are several layers to the email templates.

The email templates exist in the file system. It sounds like you’ve edited these files.

At installation of a new locale, the email templates are copied from the filesystem to the database as “default email templates”. They can be reloaded from the filesystem to the database via User Home → Site Administrator → Languages → Reload Default Email Templates.

Once loaded as default at the Site Level, they can be customized at the Journal level. User Home → Journal Manager → Prepared Emails.

No I did not edit these files in the older OJS version.
So when I do an upgrade migration to a newer version of OJS it looks like the email templates from the older OJS are not loaded into the database for the new OJS.
This has happened to a number of the journals that I have migrated.rather frustrating to say the least. Even journals were I know for a fact no one edited the email templates in the older OJS that were stored in the file system.

So your answer does not address why this is happening?


Hmmmm… I was trying to answer why the “reset” might appear to do nothing. I thought by “copying the templates from the old to the new” you meant copying the XML files, but I think now you mean copy-and-pasting the actual text within the Prepared Emails interface?

I don’t have an explanation as to why the English email templates might be blank after an upgrade.

Have your journal manager(s) customized the email text for their Journal? If not, a quick fix might be to “Reload Default Email Templates” as the Site Admin, then “Reset All Templates” as a Journal Manger to at least ensure everything is populated.

You can also import/export the emails as XML in batch via the options at the bottom of the Prepared Emails page.