[OJS 2.4.6] date display problems with the RSS 2.0 feed in several readers like Outlook, feedly and so on

I was made aware of the fact that the rss2 feed produces bogus publication dates in Outlook 2013. I went on to check the feed data and saw that it produced RFC 822 conform pubdates so that shouldn’t be a problem. Is RSS 2.0 not that widely supported? Both the RSS 1.0 and the ATOM feed produce correct results in Outlook and so on. I am considering to limit the feeds to those two iterations leaving RSS 2.0 out of the picture from now on. Any thoughts?


Hi @D_Schroeder_Micheel,

I can’t run Outlook 2013 so I can’t comment specifically on their support – but the RSS standard does brook some interpretation, unfortunately. I’ve seen inconsistent support for HTML elements in description fields, for example. The Atom standard is generally consistently supported and anything supporting RSS/RSS2 should support Atom.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team