[OJS 2.4.5] Newbie question - which folders/files are actually in use?


I inherited OJS administration duties from a colleague who left the organization. I want to migrate OJS 2.4.5 to 3.1 later on, but first I would like to clean it up. Could you help me figure out what’s where?

It is Ubuntu 16. Most stuff seems to be in /var/www/html. It has the following folders: OurJournal (which contains one folder per each year of its existence), cache, classes, controllers, dbscripts, docs, help, js, lib, locale, ocs, pages, phpMyAdmin, plugins, public, registry, rt, styles, templates, tools. I also has the following files: config.inc.php, cron-php.log, favicon.ico, index.php, info2html.css, maintenance.html, robots.txt.

One of this folders - ocs - seems to have duplicate folders: cache, classes, dbscripts, docs, help, lib, locale, pages, plugins, public, registry, rt, styles, templates, tools; as well as files: config.inc.php, favicon.ico, index.php, robots.txt.

So, the question is - how to find out which directory - /var/www/html or /var/www/html/ocs is actually used by our OJS and is it safe to delete unnecessary folders and files in one of the directories?



I would recommend not to delete any folder.
If folder is ocs please check is there Open Conference Systems or Open Journal Systems.

before you do upgrade make backup of of all folders.
I wrote already many steps necessary to prepare upgrade. Please do search forum since many people asked several questions and it is teh most probable that people already experienced and in teh most cases solved issues they experienced.
Good luck!

Thank you, vvucic!

I will certainly look for the upgrade steps you wrote, but that will be the next step.

As you suggested, I checked - our website says: “This site uses Open Journal Systems”.

So I wonder, why the var/www/html folder, which looks like this:

has inside an ocs folder, which looks like this:

To put things into perspective, we used to have two journals, but only have one now, so maybe that’s part of why we have a duplication? Can I find out by looking into configuration files whether the /var/www/html/ocs folder is used, or it is a duplication created long time ago for whatever purpose that is not needed anymore?

Hello, It seems to me that there is double installation. PLease check config.inc.php of both installations and you will see which programs are installed and what were their links/URLs.

Thank you again, vvucic!

After comparing two config.inc.php files, I saw that the previous administrator nested in the var/www/html/ folder a ocs folder that displays some old conference and I am going to remove it and just stick to our OJS journal! I will now open another question about migration (after reading your and other posts first, of course :slight_smile:

Maybe you should make .tar.gz archive of OCS and include its database. Maybe smeone will need it.
I will be happy tohelp you. But, it is more time and energy saving if you find post that already answers your question.