Ojs 2.0 --> 3.0


We are currently using OJS 2.0 for our OA journals and planning to move to 3.0. However, I’ve found that:
"OJS 2.x themes and layout modifications are not easily transferable to OJS 3.x, but OJS 3.x does include some great new tools to make attractive design easier and more maintainable. "

I mean we would need to re-create themes and layouts for existing journals, when we move to 3.0 from 2.0.

So, one we migrate to the 3.0 then our current OJS platforms more sustainable for future migrations?

Hi @ohiray,

OJS 2.x was released 15 years ago, based on the front-end technology of the time. We added improvements over the years but eventually it was necessary to rewrite the front end to modern standards with OJS 3.x. That kind of rewrite is occasionally (but very rarely) going to be necessary, I’m afraid – the factors that make it necessary also make it impossible for old themes to be compatible with the new software.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team