# of plugins installed impacts installed plugins page loading

OSJ Version:
Environment: single journal
PHP error log check: no errors
Console: no meaningful errors

Problem: Our current install seems to have an issue with a finite number of plugins that will allow the installed plugins page to display. Currently, if 34 plugins are installed (meaning files are in the plugin directory) the installed page will display. If any plugin (we have single deleted, single added) is added back into the plugin directory, in any subdirectory, the installed plugin page will indefinitely “load” and not populate. This also happens if we try to install a plugin from the gallery rather than add a new one in manually via FTP.

No errors populate in the PHP log or console log.

Any thoughts? This did not happen in a previous hosting environment and no other issues seem to be occurring at this time.

Hi @rdashford,

Are you sure there’s nothing in your PHP or Apache error log? (These may or may not be different files, depending on your server configuration.)

OJS doesn’t have a hard limit on the number of plugins; limits will typically be imposed by the web server, e.g. on the amount of memory that’s allowed per request. Overage should result in an error log entry.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Yes; I re-checked both error logs today (they are separate log files on mddhosting).

I did however modify the .htaccess file with php_value to up the memory limit to 256M, in hopes that this was the issue.

It appears to be working now, so hopefully this is what fixed it or perhaps there was a server-side error yesterday when this was occurring.

Thanks Alec!

Hi dear i have same problem please guide me where is .htaccess file located in OJS installation. thanks